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As horse and pony owners and lovers, we were inspired by a need to find feeds that were right for our own herds. In a market flooded with options, we couldn’t seem to find one that was right for us, and found that many other owners felt the same, so we decided to do something about it!   

We produce quality, forage based, species appropriate horse feed. Our range of feeds, which are equine specific, are designed to suit every equine need. We do not use any by-products or fillers, and none of our ingredients are chemically processed.

All of our ingredients are meticulously sourced from the best suppliers, and we produce and package all of our feeds eco-consciously. 

What we do

We all want to feed our equines the very best that we can, and to provide them with a diet that mimics the very best of natural, species specific forage. Well, that’s where Finer Forage  comes in. Our products come in  2  types: Base Bags  and  Herbal Forage Blends. Our  Base Bags  form the backbone of your horse’s feed, you can then tailor them to each horse's specific requirements by adding our  Herbal Forage Blends: our feeds are infinitely customisable to suit every horses need.

Base Bags


Our  Base Bags  are grain free, natural, forage-based feeds, designed to meet your horse’s dietary needs naturally; without  chemical processing or use of by-products and fillers.  All of our ingredients are meticulously sourced from the best suppliers, and we produce and package all of our feeds eco-consciously.  

Our  Base Bags  are a complete feed and we currently offer options:

Doris' Digest Superfood—Meadow grasses and herbs to help soothe a sensitive gut. 

Chaucer’s 'Hoof-It' Superfood— Selected meadow grasses and flowers, ideal for good doers. Increased biodiversity in this feed mimics the natural ideal forage experience for your horse without extra energy. Great for promoting rock crunching hooves.

Supplementary Herbal Blends

A complimentary feedstuff, our  Herbal Forage Blends  can be added to your  Base Bag  to help target specific feeding or dietary requirements. They can also be fed independently or by hand for those looking for a special treat or just a small snack.

A huge advantage for those of us with multiple equine companions, our top quality  Herbal Forage Blends  allow you to tailor 1 Base Bag for any number of different horses: saving you time and money, and ensuring your equines are getting the freshest, most delicious, species specific food possible!

Straight Herbs


We stock a selection of straight herbs, carefully sourced to ensure the highest quality


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